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“A Whole World on a Single Island” that’s Dream Lanka slogan.

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S Asintha Amerasinghe founder of Dream Lanka Tours and Travels Pvt (Ltd) and Elisha LLC United State.

Sri Lankan tourism industry rapidly changed since 2010, with far more players and competitors than ever before. At, Dream Lanka Tours we pride ourselves on an exceptional reputation that results from the dedication and hard work of our employees and our incomparable products and services.

We recognized we are missing website, 2012 we opened our first website, a half-decade later we recognized if we need to stay ahead of the tourism industry in Sri Lanka we need a fully functioning website. Dreamlankatours.com was born as a full-service website, now you can view price instantly, make a booking, customize tour package inquiries and make payment, all from our website by used any device (even a Smart Phone), with new service you can pick up your phone make your next vacation booking, without talking to an agent. Sometimes calling an agent is an agony they don’t comprehend what’s your needs are, they will cross sale added items and tour packages you pay premium prices. Now you have an acquaintance with the end merchant without the middle agents.

Our website provides hefty information about our products and services. Visit us and enjoy surfing our website.

Glenn Duleep Braine, founder of Akein Tours Pvt Ltd and Akein Rental Cars Sri Lanka.

2004 my cousin (Asintha) and I entered the tourism industry. We start small, as I took care of all the tours in Sri Lanka and Asintha focus on promoting and contacting travel agents all over the United State, Europe, and some Asian countries. It was much harder than we thought, no overseas travel agent wants us to handle tour for them because we were newbies to the business and they already had established local agents in Sri Lanka to handle their tours. We only got a handful of tours on our first few years, we were forced to contact some local agents and we partner up with a local agent and handle their tours for them as a third party. With the tourist industry boom in 2010 we start getting tours directly from overseas agents and by end of 2014 we were getting lot more tours and we had to end up our contract with the Sri Lankan local agent. Now we are focusing our business as direct tour provider for the end consumer.

Sri Lanka has something for everyone, whatever your interests. Tranquil mountaintop temples and shrines, soothing hot spring baths, idyllic gardens, soaring mountain peaks, picturesque mountains, breathtaking waterfalls, golden sandy beaches, best sunsets, wildlife/safari, whale/dolphin watching,  welcoming, friendly, helpful people, and of course, the fantastic food.

We Do Business As Akein Tours Pvt Ltd, in Sri Lanka.

We Do Business As Dream Lanka Tours and Travels Pvt (Ltd), in Sri Lanka.

We Do Business As Elisha LLC, in the United State.

We are local family-owned business from the beginning. Due to the high demand in tours after 2013, we redesign our company structure to partner up with local families to offer transportation need (as transportation vendors). Together with our local partners, we strive to provide professional and highest standard service possible.
We make certain our hand selected partners offer the highest level of industry standards in tourism, we train our individual operator and we educate them with any new to the tourist industry. We regularly inspect vehicles are up to date on service and standards are met. We oversee every aspect of our services we provide to our valuable patrons.
Since we are not a big corporation, our business depends on the quality experience. You will be given first class treatment from the beginning to the end of the tours. We pride ourselves on being the best that we can be. 99% of the guests that take our tours tell us that our tour was the highlight of their visit to Sri Lanka. With all the attractions that there is to offer in Sri Lanka, that tells us we are doing a good job!
I got my tour license and started doing tours with my cousin back in 2005. A year later, we got a second tour Van. In 2012, we expanded our tour business with two vans, two cars, and one bus. Now Dream Lanka Tours and Akein Tours have a fleet of four vans, three cars, and two buses, with all the expansion we still provide world class customer service. With our local partnerships, our fleet has expanded to more than twenty vehicles.

Why Us


Second to none… attentive, professional and helpful from the point of booking to the end of your tour. Our sole purpose is to give you a tour that you will enjoy, learn something about Sri Lanka and fondly remember.


Dream Lanka Tours LLC strives to attain global standards of excellence in all areas of the tourism industry to ensure your experience with us is to your complete satisfaction…and also a lot of fun!

Drivers/owner operates drivers/chauffeur guides:

Every tour comes with English-speaking guides (or other languages on request), friendly and knowledgeable. Some location/sites optional to hire onsite tour guides. When it comes to your personal driver or chauffeur guide, they are experienced and service-minded, all driving well-maintained, air-conditioned vehicles.

On special request, we can offer Drivers/owner operate drivers/chauffeur guides with following languages